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Shots of the Day - Rollin’ with the Family (Bar)

Hi all,

Last Wednesday night/Thursday morning, after I got through snapping and chatting with Lord Bishop at The Bacca Room, I decided to roam the streets of downtown Auckland looking for other interesting people and places to photograph.

I roamed down the lower end of Queen Street for awhile, snapped some there, and eventually made my way up to K’ Road.

Since it was a very early on Thursday morning, and most regular people have regular jobs which eat into their leisure time, K’ Road was all but ghost town except for the Family Bar

Anyone that’s familiar with the Family Bar knows what it’s all about. However, for those of you that aren’t, it bills itself as “The Gayest Bar in New Zealand”. LOL! :)

Some of you are probably wondering what I, being a heterosexual man, was doing at a gay bar. There’s only one reason I was there, that being the place is damn fun. So, get your mind out of the gutter! ;)

The music at the Family Bar was very lively and the crowd was probably one of the most fun loving I’ve ever encountered during all my years of club going.

I did occasionally get some guy eyeing me up and attempting to chat me up for a leg-over (i.e. sex). Also, I had my hand held a bit too long upon offering it for handshakes during introductions. However, none of it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle as homophobia has no place in my life. Why would it, since I have many LGBT friends and family members?

Anyway, please do enjoy the photos above I snapped at the Family Bar that morning. And, if you get a chance, do pop in. I highly recommend it!

Kind regards